As the Wembley Basketball Club is a non-profit Club, fees are used to pay team registrations costs, weekly team fees, assisting with maintenance of training facilities, training materials and administration costs.

Season Fees                                 $145
Basketball Vic Insurance    $25

ees are the same for both Westgate and Altona association and include processing fees. Basketball Victoria insurance is paid annually and is compulsory for all players.


How do I pay my fees?

Your Team Manager will send you a link to PlayHQ to register for the season and pay your fees. This must be completed before the start of the season or your child will not be able to take to the court.

How are fees set?

The Wembley Junior Basketball Club Committee (through the Treasurer) look at income and expenses each season and determine a fee structure.  

At the end of the day, the Club Committee has to balance income and expenses making sure there is enough money to keep teams on the court and pay for initiatives. The main income for the Club are season fees and a small margin of revenue on uniforms. Occasionally we run fundraising activities such as Bunnings BBQs and raffles. 

Our main expenses are team registrations at the beginning of each season paid to the Associations and then court fees or season team fees during the season. Different Associations have alternative fee structures. If teams make finals then obviously there may be more court fees for the Club to cover. As this is unknown at the start of the season the Club has to consider these contingent costs.