In the event of a player injury on court and/or in the basketball stadium, please review the following Notification of Injury steps to be undertaken:

  1. The injury should be documented on the score sheet including the nature of the injury (i.e. leg, arm, head), date and time it occurred, first aid/ambulance assistance

  2. Any supporting photos, notes or witness details should also be noted where relevant

  3. The Coach or Team Manager should contact a Committee Member ASAP and inform them of the injury – see contact numbers below

  4. The Committee Member fills out the Basketball Victoria Personal Injury Claim Form (requiring a Committee members’ declaration) and is to arrange for the player, parent/guardian or medical contact person to also complete the form

  5. The Claim Form is submitted to:

    Proclaim Pty Ltd
    Locked Bag 32012
    Collins Street East
    VIC 8003

    02 9287 1302


In the event of a player injury occurring during a training session, injuries should be reported in writing by the Coach or Team Manager to a Committee Member in accordance with points 1) and 2) above.

NOTE: Please be advised that an injured player must be a paid member for the current season to be covered by insurance.

Only one claim form per injury is required. A claim form should be completed and submitted as soon as it is made aware that the injured person will be making a claim. There is no need to wait until after treatment of the injury has been completed to lodge the claim form.

This page was last updated 18 April 2018.